Course Image B100-Block-3-Accounting & Finance

B100-Block-3-Accounting & Finance

This session starts the ‘accounting and business finance’ block. It starts with a look at what is meant by accounting and finance and how financial information is used by business stakeholders, before introducing the first of the three main accounting statements: the income statement.

Course Image B100-Block-2-Working in Organizations

B100-Block-2-Working in Organizations

This is Second block of An Introduction to Business Management (B100)Module. 

Block 2, which has four sessions, will give you an introduction to the topic of human resources management: This Block considers the question of motivation and asks why people go to work, as well as looking at the recruitment process and exploring various approaches to job design, and the effects these can have on employees’ experience of work.

Course Image Introduction to Business Management (B100-Jul-19)

Introduction to Business Management (B100-Jul-19)

B100 is the First Module ( Subject ) of the Program. This 60-credit module will provide you with a thorough introduction into some key aspects of business and management practice and study. You will learn about how business and other organisations work, about people at work, about the all-important financial information that business managers need to understand and about customers and marketing. 

Course Image B100: Block-1: Intro. to Business Management

B100: Block-1: Intro. to Business Management

Block 1, which has 4 sessions, will give you an introduction to the topic of business and management and set up some of the topics that will be covered in greater detail in later parts of B100