Course Image MBA Programme Information

MBA Programme Information

MBA is a unique distance learning qualification that will build and develop your business skills. You'll be able to critically assess multiple perspectives and start applying your new understanding of management as you study.

Course Image Managing financial risk

Managing financial risk

Managing financial risk explores the various financial risks that confront all institutions - credit risk, liquidity and refinancing risk, interest-rate risk, foreign exchange risk and operational risk. The module then examines how these risks can be both measured and managed. It uses many recent actual examples of risk management practices adopted in the public and private sectors - some good, some bad and some very ugly. 

Course Image Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Supply chain networks are recognised as the organisational form that assures business sustainability through supply continuity. Supply chain management is a fundamental skill in today’s competitive business environment, and organisations that excel in this function see the benefit in their performance. This module will provide you with an in-depth insight into supply chain theory, design and best practice, taking into account issues such as ethics, sustainability and risk management. This will enable you to question and reflect upon your own organisation and its role in the supply chain. 

Course Image Marketing in the 21st century

Marketing in the 21st century

The economic turmoil of the last few years has required organisations to undertake more creative marketing as well as be more responsive to the needs of the market. This online module explores a variety of marketing issues that emerge from marketing planning, such as marketing research, marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning. You will draw upon current theories and examples that illustrate how organisations of all sizes deal with environmental challenges and through this gain a strong appreciation of how marketing principles will not only benefit your organisation, but also how you can use these to improve your own performance.

Course Image Strategic human resource management

Strategic human resource management

This module is designed to meet the needs of managers who wish to understand and be able to influence decisions regarding the management of human resources within organisations. It considers the different aspects of human resource management at a strategic level in the organisation and how this differs from the more operationally-focused personnel management. You will work collaboratively with others on strategic human resource management (SHRM) issues and problems and find, review and evaluate information relevant to key aspects of SHRM in your own professional context.

Course Image Making a difference: the management initiative ( Project)

Making a difference: the management initiative ( Project)

This module enables you to utilise and apply the learning gained on your MBA journey, to ‘make a difference’ in your workplace. You will work on a project-like initiative which will require you to engage with the theories you have learned and to collect evidence to support your thinking. Through this you will explore the extent to which theory can be applied in practice by applying academic ideas to your work-based issue. You will also have an opportunity to reflect how your MBA study has changed you as a manager/practitioner.